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The Center for Spiritual Living, Redding

Centers for Spiritual LivingGreetings! Each month, our Spiritual Leader, Rev. Dr. Kenn Gordon, films a video of "coming attractions" that showcase and introduce the weekly and monthly themes for the Centers for Spiritual Living's 2017 Theme and Vision: Values-Based Living. The Global Vision Themes for the Month of April:

April 2, 2017: The Staying POWER of Our Teaching

April 9, 2017: The Science of the Absolute

April 16, 2017: The Science of Christ

April 23, 2017: Conditions Aren't Real

April 30, 2017: The Joy of Living

Special Congregational Meeting Visit our Events page to learn more about the Special Congregational Meeting. At the Board of Trustees meeting 0n Monday, March 27, 2017, the Board accepted a proposal from Rev. Mary Mitchell and Rev. Sue MillerBorn to become the Co-Spiritual Directors for Center for Spiritual Living, Redding, beginning Monday, May 1, 2017. This proposal needs to be voted on at this special meeting.

Welcome Home!

SanctuaryCenter for Spiritual Living, Redding, in Redding, California, provides spiritual tools to transform our personal lives and help make the world a better place.

Center for Spiritual Living, Redding, is a spiritual community, and way of life, that honors all paths to God and helps people to discover a personal relationship with God. When God is the focus of our spirituality, then other areas of our lives fall into place — we are happier, we can do more for others, be better stewards of the Earth and bring peace and harmony to the world.

We extend a warm welcome to all people in search of a spiritual community where they are embraced, respected, accepted for who they are, inspired and supported to grow to their highest potential.

No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, you are welcome here.

Are you feeling alone, lost, empty or disconnected? Are you in crisis? Are you lacking fulfillment, looking for answers, healing and a spiritual home?

At Center for Spiritual Living, Redding, you will find a like-minded community, a spiritual home, where you can discover peace of mind, healing, inspiration and live with a personal relationship with God. We look forward to meeting you in person!

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Minister's Message for April 2017

"We should never be afraid of change, never fearful of what will come. Instead, we should bring to bear on each new event the influence of the creative nature of our thought - an influence that is founded on an inward calm, a sense of certainty and peace, which will reflect itself in the changing scene of our everyday lives. We generally seem to resist change, even that which is better for us. We also appear to resist being what we really are. We need to learn carefully and surely to permit ourselves to accept the fuller expression of Mind that is within us. Against this there must be no resistance. For in Its creative flow through us rests our entire future - the greater person we may be and the richer life we desire to enjoy." --Ernest Holmes


Rev. David Robinson

Our monthly theme for April is "Spiritual Living through Transformation and Evolution." What an appropriate theme for my last month here at CSL, Redding. Many of us say we want transformation and we all say we believe in evolution. Both involve change - sometimes radical change. Scientists now consider the idea of "punctuated equilibrium" to be a model for evolution, rather than the slow, gradual, almost imperceptible change that was thought to characterize evolution. The model of punctuated equilibrium says that an organism or species goes along the same for a long span of time, then quickly adapts to sudden changes in the environment. Those that adapt successfully move on. Those that don't - well, there's the dodo...

Change is happening. Like many times, it comes upon us from what looks like environmental change - although, as Religious Scientists and metaphysicians, we know that we influence our environment. Thus, we have - consciously or not - called in change to have this experience. During change, it's powerful to pay attention to our inner journey. Are we trusting or fearful? Are we patient and kind or do we demand an immediate solution, rather than allow one to evolve organically? Do we look for people to blame or do we accept responsibility for co-creating the change and look within? Do we see change as good or bad?

Change is the only constant in the Universe. In an Infinite One that is changeless in Its essence, but always expressing Itself more fully, change is the opportunity for us to experience even greater good than ever before. But, the Universe responds to our intent, to our vision. If our intent is fear based, if our vision is one of disaster, the Universe will as easily respond to that as one of joy, expansion of good and greater harmony. We get to make it up!

As we go through the changes at the Senior Minister position, I invite all of us to hold to the highest vision and idea of manifesting a thriving, nurturing CSL Redding as possible. Allow Spirit to work and trust the process of Spirit.

This is the month of Easter and we can roll away the tombstones of the past and allow the arising - the Resurrection - of something new and even more wonderful. Be kind and gentle with yourself and each other. Remember that it took 40 days of focused spiritual practice from Easter to the descent of the Holy Spirit - the breakthrough. Take this time for deep practice. And, as I like to say - take a deep breath! (I just had to, for one last time!)

I am very grateful to this community for the love, for the challenges, for the growth we have all shared together. I bring forward the gifts received during this time and share them out into the world.

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Rev. David Robinson

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Visitors and newcomers are always welcome!

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